Why I Fall Asleep To Baking Compilations At Night

Sweet dreams are made of these.

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Photo by Calum Lewis on Unsplash

I want to get straight to the point, I love baking! For a little over a decade, I have been taking my hobby as a home baker seriously.

When I say I’m a home baker, I don’t mean from the box. There’s no shame in the boxed cake game, but that just doesn’t interest me like kneading the dough and creating masterpieces like a double layer cake, or homemade soft pretzels with sea salt and garlic. Just the idea of baking brings me joy and relaxation.

There is no doubt my love for baking began when I was a child cooking with my parents.

My father would make his delicious version of oatmeal bars, which came out differently each time because he never followed a recipe. While the recipe was always something new, you could always count on them to be tasty.

I also have fond memories of helping my mother make cheesecakes with the sweet graham cracker crust that she made with butter and a hint of cinnamon. Although it was past my bedtime when we would make this yummy dessert, there was always this snack to enjoy on Fridays when my siblings and I came home from school.

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Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

While my parents slowed down their baking due to their busy schedules, I, however, continued to perfect my baking skills.

I began baking at the tender age of 10-years-old and since then I’ve made almost every basic and complex baked good you could think of including eclairs, tres leches cake, lemon meringue pie, pizza, even creme puffs.
Not only do I find bragging rights in baking things most think can only be bought at a bakery, but I find baking ultimately relaxing — unless something goes wrong.

Present day, I am focusing on my health, which means working on cutting excess sugar, carbs, and salt from my diet. The result? Cutting down how often I indulge in my favorite pastime.

Due to my baking hiatus, I’ve been vicariously living through the food and baking compilations readily available on YouTube. Not only to get inspiration for when I begin to bake again but also to relax from a long and busy day.
Nearly every night, I prop up my tablet on its kickstand and search for a new baking compilation that will help me unwind. I turn the volume down and watch the chef of my picking knead, mix and roll their way to a perfect pastry.
While some find themselves drooling from the sweet treats, I find myself counting sheep whenever I press play to my favorite Tasty video.

Am I the only one? Maybe. But life couldn’t be sweeter than a baker’s compilation to put you to sleep.

Here are three of my favorite:

Can you see yourself falling asleep to these baking compilations? Give it a try and I promise you a dreamy night.

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