Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts Approved by a Real Dad

Photo by Caleb Jones on Unsplash

“Whenever you shop, think thoughtful and useful,” my mom would say when we would go shopping for my dad on Father’s Day. With more than 20 years under their belts, my mom and dad know each other like the back of their hands. So when my mom says that she knows what he likes, at least 99% of the time, she is right.

This year, I wanted to shop on my own and find a few gifts that would speak to my dad’s practicality and charisma. He doesn’t like lavish gifts but he can definitely appreciate the finer things in life. He is a strongly manly man that loves nature, and he exercises daily. He loves a good grilled burger but doesn’t do much cooking, he tends to leave that up to me.

So no ties, tennis balls, or tube socks for my dad because this year I have come across a few amazing last minute gifts, that have been tested and approved by none other than my dad. So if you have a dad like mines, he is going to love these useful and thoughtful gifts too.

Here is a list and my dad’s thoughts on each last minute gift:

Travertine Spa Eucalyptus Steam Shower Spray

Breath deeply and enjoy the inhalation benefits of 100% natural eucalyptus oil as the steam rises and turns your shower into your very own spa.

Courtesy of Simon & Schuster

The Life of Dad by Jon Finkel and Art Eddy

The book features more than 100 interviews with celebrity dads from the worlds of sports, entertainment, and business all offering words of wisdom and advice gleaned from their own experiences as a dad.

Courtesy of SecureDrive BT

SecureDrive BT

The SecureDrive BT is the most sensible way for Dads to safely store their digital files. The SecureDrive BT is a hardware encrypted external hard drive with unique authentication methods. A Dad can unlock the drive by using an app on a mobile device and can conveniently unlock by using FaceID or TouchID. The device has storage capacities up to 8 TB so a Dad can easily store all of his work documents, family photos, and home videos. The device itself is impossible to reverse engineer and has an epoxy coating that is tough, just like Dad. The device offers step-away auto lock so when a Dad has to run to a meeting or wrangle the kids, his files stay safe, even if the drive is still plugged into a computer.

Courtesy of Walnut Studiolo

Walnut Studiolo Doobie Tube

The sturdy tube neatly stores one large joint or bat in all natural materials to keep it safe and straight. Each Doobie Tube is built to last by hand-stitching a layer of hand-dyed vegetable-tanned leather around the solid brass tube, and secured with the highest-grade cork closure. You can use it to clip the tube inside your bag or on your lanyard.

Courtesy of Walnut Studiolo

Walnut Studiolo Keychain Lanyard

This handsome leather key chain with high-quality antique brass hardware is the right length for hiding your keys in your pocket, whether it’s attached to your belt loop with the swivel or to your belt with the snap that can handle a lot of weight.

Courtesy of the Original Worm

The Original Worm

The Original Worm is the perfect relief tool for dads of all walks of life. The Worm is the best portable roller for the long commute in the car at home or anywhere on the go. It provides relief from head to feet and pretty much everything in between.

The Unbound Merino T-Shirt

This is one of the most durable, lightweight, breathable Merino wool, that you will ever wear. This classic tee is stylish, fresh, and totally wrinkle-free making it perfect for the outdoorsy dad.

Lillie’s Q 3 Piece Sauce Set and Sauce Mop

If your dad love’s a good BBQ burger with all the fixings then he needs to have a taste of these BBQ sauces. The SMOKY, GOLD and CAROLINA flavors are three of the best tasting sauces you will ever have — sweet, tangy and full of flavor. The mop makes it easy to evenly distribute the sauce.

Courtesy of Powercap

Panther Vision’s POWERCAP LED

Whether it’s sunny outside and you need a cap for shade from the sun or it’s dark outside and you need hands-free light, the POWERCAP LED lighted cap can serve your needs.

Rheos The Palmettos Polarized Floating Sunglasses

The unisex aviator sunglasses have a glass-like clarity with 100% UV protection. The anti-scratch, anti-fog & anti-glare lenses are most desirable and the comfort grip nose pads make for long-lasting comfort.

SKYPRO Wilhelm Kress Cabin Shoes

The comfort of these handcrafted leather shoes made in Portugal is sleek and stylish. You get the relaxed feel of sneakers while dressing up your foot for work or leisure.

All He Loves Out Door Box

The Outdoor Box is a perfect addition to your next outdoor adventure in the wood, spending quality time with the family in the park or simply chilling in your back yard. This box provides everything you need to bring your outdoor experience to a whole new level so you can fully enjoy what mother nature has to offer.

Thoughtful Gift for Dad

Such a beautiful sentiment that will warm a Dad’s heart! These sweet sayings in its farmhouse rustic style on a wooden block capture the eyes of onlookers. The wooden quote block can be put on a shelf, dresser, desk, nightstand or window sill.

Tempus Planner

One of the best presents you can gift to busy dads is a productivity planner. The Tempus Planners is the perfect gift for professionals, creatives and other ambitious goal-kickers. It was created as a unique and simple tool that helps you clarify your daily priorities so you can organize your life and feel good about yourself.

Tani SilkCut Men’s Pajama Sets

The SilkCut luxury men’s pajamas are a modern take on the best men’s pajamas. It offers a loose fit for added comfort. Knit in Europe with the downright brilliant Micro Modal® Air fabric, the fabric is actually thinner and softer than silk.

“This is the best loungewear I have ever worn. Very comfortable and feels amazing.”

Southern Smoke by Matthew Register

Perfect for the BBQ lover or the cook in the kitchen who loves to make all the sides to round out a table of BBQ! This book offers recipes from one of North Carolina’s most beloved pitmasters from Southern Smoke BBQ in Garland, NC. This BBQ book explores NC, the low country, Delta and the Mississippi cuisines, and teaches backyard barbecuer’s how to do it at home!


Dads that travel for work (or just like to travel) will love this new multi-tool! Use to get rid of wrinkles without an iron in the hotel — it works on all shower types and with all hotel-hangers. It is also used as a multi-tool:

A smartphone stand, bottle opener, thread/tag cutter, ruler and more.

Tip ‘n Split

The handheld magnifier with light makes reading the small print on a menu/bill easier, even in dimly lit restaurants. Figure out a tip and split the bill, if desired, in seconds.

VidBox Video Conversion Suite

Fathers and Grandfathers have chased us around with a video camera our whole life at home, on Vacations and for special events, many of these are locked away in old VHS, VHS-C, and Beta tapes. Save the precious memories that he captured of your childhood, elder relatives, and more with the Video Conversion saving space and precious memories. Capable for both MAC and Windows.

Gerrard’s Coffee Shop Candles

Inspired by lazy summer afternoons spent with his dog at his favorite Brooklyn coffee shop, Gerrard hand poured each soy candle into a real, reusable coffee mug.

Most men love candles but are turned off by feminine scents and packaging. Just in time for Father’s Day, Gerrard’s new candle collection is formulated for men to enjoy and relax.

Motorola Talkabout T265

The Motorola Talkabout T265 two-way radios are ideal for use when out of cell phone range at the lodge or on the trail. These are specifically designed for serious outdoor sports enthusiasts. They feature 2 push-to-talk earbuds with microphone, reliable two-way communications, up to a 25-mile range, hands-free capability, NOAA weather channels, 20 call tones, and dual power.

Brooklyn Cloth Avocado Swim Trunks

Dad will have a fun time splashing around in the pool or at the beach in these 8" Avocado Print Swim Trunks. Details include nice side open pockets, elastic waistband with drawstrings and true fit that is stylish and eye-catching.


The Clifton 6 is the perfect way to celebrate the sporty Dad in your life. If he likes to jog around the neighborhood, run on a treadmill, or take a few laps around the track, HOKA has a variety of styles perfect for every type of active dad.



Emerald Elitou—a Philadelphia native—has used her love for writing to create stories about fashion, beauty, and fine dining that shared her insider expertise.

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Emerald Elitou

Emerald Elitou—a Philadelphia native—has used her love for writing to create stories about fashion, beauty, and fine dining that shared her insider expertise.