How I Made My Press-On Nails Last For A Week!

It was nice to have these stylish nails all week.

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I must confess: I’ve never been to a nail salon ever! So when it comes to acrylic nails, it’s been a no for me. There are several reasons why I choose to stay out of the establishments, but the main one is definitely the fear of losing or destroying my natural nails. The fear of losing a nail and it never growing back is horrifying! I know, the likelihood of this happening is slim to none but a girl can have nightmares can’t she?

Well, I wanted to feel girly so I opted for press-on nails that I can do at home. I know that they too can be damaging, but because I can remove them with nail polish remover, I can avoid any serious destruction which eases my mind.

Recently, I bought a package of Pretty Woman NYC nails from FIVE Below and I diaried my experience so that you guys can get the deets on doing it yourself for a few bucks less than going to a nail salon.

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Day One

I glued the nails on Saturday. I completed my right hand smoothly but not my left.

Here are the difficulties I had when I got to my other hand:

  • I accidentally glued the nail to the pad of my finger. 😒
  • The nails weren’t gluing on, I don’t think I used enough glue.

I decided to stop. I didn’t really have any intentions on finishing the rest and just wanted the glue to wear-off. Later that day, I lost two nails.

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Day Two

I was forced to do something with my half-finished nails mainly because I had plans to meet up with my family. After my sister encouraged me to try again, I decided that I would.

Besides having to use thumbnails for my middle fingernails, they looked really good. You couldn’t see that they were too big unless you stared directly at them.

My grandma loved my nails.

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Day Three

I felt extra dressy with my press-on nails and I felt like everyone should see my nails. Sadly, Monday was a rainy day and perfect for sitting in and finishing incomplete work.

The nails made it a little harder to type on the computer but I didn’t let them stop me from getting my work done.

By the end of the day, I had lost my thumb, middle finger, and ring fingernails. 🤦🏽

I re-applied the nails even though I don’t usually glue them back once I lose so many at once.

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Day Four

After picking up pennies off the floor, I feel like I surpassed acrylic nail pros. 💪🏾

By the end of the day, the pinky nail went missing on my right hand as did the middle fingernail of my left hand.

Before when I’ve worn press-on nails, they haven’t lasted past four days. I’m hoping that the glue will last for the next 3 days.

Unfortunately, the polish began wearing off after about two days.

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Day Five

This is the first time they’ve lasted passed three days. Surprisingly, I didn’t lose any nails this day. In all honesty, I was ready to pull off each nail after the third day.

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Day Six

The nail of my ring finger went missing early this morning. When I finally found it and was ready to glue it back on, the glue was all dried up. I was shocked. 😲

I spent the day without a nail on my ring finger.

Tip: From my previous experience, I learned that you should carry around the glue.

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Day Seven

I learned that artificial nails are more workable than I thought. The stereotype that long nails aren’t workable is false. I continued on with my normal workday cooking, cleaning, writing and more.

While it was nice to have these stylish nails all week, it became tiring after a while trying to keep up when and where they fall off.

Overall, I learned that press-on nails are great for people similar to me that don’t plan on keeping the nails for more than a few days.

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